About Star Events Online

Star Events Online has humble beginnings and was created through a Covid-19 partnership of a not for profit organisation, Hangleton Mutual Aid, which was set up to assist the local community through Covid-19 and Brighton based Television Production Company, Parsley Productions.


The locals first came together to put on a 5 hour comedy festival over Zoom that not only entertained people from across the globe unable to leave their homes but was the world's first online Zoom comedy festival raising much needed money for the charities Age UK and Time To Talk Befriending.


On the back of this success multiple charities reached out to the partnership and requested that they put on more events for people who are socially isolated even outside of the current pandemic, individuals suffering from terminal or critical illness, the isolated and people who needed this type of support and so Star Events Online was born.


Star Events Online soon went global attracting an active audience from across the world and within the first quarter became the world's leading online live event platform for socially isolated individuals


Star Events Online continues in the identification and partnership with charitites and organisations who support people who actively need the services we offer. With an enhanced footprint in philanthropy we strive to assist individuals who otherwise could not attend events and in so doing tackle many of the issues highlighted by the current situation facing the world including loneliness and depression.


Charitable assistance is the heart of Star Event Online assisting everyone to keep going when so many places are at a standstill, every month we donate a large percentage of money raised to the causes chosen by our memebers and play an active contribution in assisting comics, artists, musicians and anyone who is currently out of work.